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WIPP - What Can you Do?


Stop WIPP and we send a strong, clear message through the Halls of Congress, the White House and the world that the American people choose environmental cleanup over nuclear weapons production.

Contact your Congressional Representatives and demand elimination of WIPP funding. Let them formally know, at least once, that you are opposed to the opening of WIPP.

Contact Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson to demand a new emphasis on cleanup over nuclear weapons development.

Protest Harder:

Initiate or join opposition to WIPP along the route. You may want to adapt the CCNS Transportation Survey for use in your area. Send email requesting the Survey and we'll get it to you.

Participate in the WIPP Forum.

Refer the WIPP webpage to people you think might be interested. Send them email with the following url in it:

Protest Hardest:

This means give money. Please consider a CCNS Membership, tax-deductible of course. Think of it as $1 dollar less for WIPP:

Membership supports the work of CCNS, and we'll provide you with bi-monthly issues of "The Nuclear Reactor". - our newsletter.

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